An open source implementation of Sid Meier's Civilization

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About this project

CivOne is an effort to recreate the original Sid Meier's Civilization game in C#, using the original resource files. The project primary goal is to end up with an exact copy, including all the bugs/features/limitations. Later on, we might add multiplayer, bigger maps and modding support, but that's not our focus at the moment.


Download the latest binary (0.1.0pre-alpha1-r647) for Windows here:


11 September 2016:

According to some sources, 25 years ago today Civilization for DOS was released.

7 September 2016:

Since I post binaries more often at the moment, I have added a download URL at the top of the webpage.

2 September 2016:

I'm working hard towards the first alpha version. New (Windows) version is available here:

31 August 2016:

I have created a (Windows only) binary with the latest code changes. If you feel like testing, please read the instructions on and download the binary from the CivFanatics forums:

29 August 2016:

No more deadlines, obviously. My personal life my first priority and while I want to get CivOne working one day, I will no longer promise it will be finished. I want to thank everyone for their patience, and I will keep working on this project, possibly just in small bursts. I can say that there will be commits soon.

10 May 2016:

After nearly a year, I have returned to work on CivOne. The intention is to finish a playable version of the game before September 2016. I will soon implement basic gameplay, allowing you to move units around and build cities and land improvements. Check the site for more updates coming soon, or get in touch on the CivFanatics forums:

4 June 2015:

CivOne now has support for both Windows Forms and GTK. The Windows Forms version works on Windows and Linux (buggy), and the GTK version works on Linux and MacOS X.

1 June 2015:

Lot's of progress. The new game menu is working. The game generates random maps with the original Civilization algorithm. I've even got the original random number generator implemented. Load games are working. Gameplay screen is being implemented, showing the full map including coast/river animations. World map screen is working. Started working on the Civilopedia. I can confirm that CivOne works on Linux, but not on MacOS X. I'm going to fix that before the release of the first version.

19 May 2015:

The credits, main menu, customize world and intro screens are fully implemented. There's also a setup screen, making it easier to change the game settings. I'm almost ready to get to work on the gameplay. If you find any bugs, please report them to the issue tracker:

12 May 2015:

I've created an initial version of CivOne and created a Visual Studio Code project. The project currently compiles and runs on Windows and Linux. I have not tested MacOS X but I don't expect any problems there. I will be merging my old code with the new CivOne project this week.


How to build/run CivOne?

Please refer to the Wiki page.

What do the folders/files in this project mean?

Please refer to the Wiki page.


You can contact me/discuss CivOne in the forum thread on Civfanatics.